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The Gamification Playlist took place on June 25, 2018. Below you will find playlist recordings and additional curated resources.

Playlist Recordings

Microlearning: NOT A Silver Bullet

By JD Dillon

Just like every other potential L&D tactic, Microlearning must be effectively implemented as part of a larger learning ecosystem. But what role does microlearning play? How can it augment – or potentially replace – your other tactics? JD and Brent will discuss the idea of microlearning as not a stand-alone concept but rather part of your larger learning strategy.

Microlearning for the Workplace

By Shannon Tipton

The humans in your organization need help now. How are you supporting them? “Microlearning on the GO” gives you the tools to develop a microlearning content plan to address those “just-in-time” learning moments.

Easily defined, microlearning is: Short bursts of focused “right-sized” content to help people achieve a specific outcome. More than just creating micro videos, microlearning is about solving problems that get in the way of employee success. People in the modern workplace require timeliness and relevance. The speed at which one can arrive at the required answer or solution using a performance support tool is key to the microlearning appeal.

Embracing Microlearning in Your Learning Ecosystem

By Carla Torgerson

Microlearning – defined as providing learning material in short bursts that anyone can access any time – is being touted as the “next big thing.” We all have personal experiences of learning in this way, but how do we apply it to corporate learning? In this practical program, we look at what microlearning is, guidance for creating your own microlearning resources, and how to use MILE, the MIcroLEarning Design Model© to develop a microlearning program.

Going Beyond Microlearning to Work Results

By Ray Jimenez

Microlearning is about work results. Sadly, many think of Microlearning as content production. To make Microlearning work, we need to stop thinking of learning, but focus on how to help workers fix, solve and improve work issues. Learning is only a consequence, not the goal. Start with work situations, find answers and solutions from others and resources. Help learners to do it, just do it.

Bonus Curated Content

TLDCast with Special Guest JD Dillon

Hosted by Brent Schlenker

JD  Dillon is one of the most prolific authors and speakers in workplace learning today. With his practical approach, JD integrates science, technology, storytelling and pure common sense to enable employees, improve performance and drive business results.

For  20 years, JD has executed strategies for global organizations, including The Walt Disney Company, Kaplan, Brambles, and AMC Theatres. He is currently Chief Learning Architect with Axonify, where he partners with an award-winning team to solve business problems for leading organizations through modern learning practices and cutting-edge technology.

JD is also the founder of LearnGeek, which provides consulting and educational services.

You can find JD on Twitter via @JD_Dillon or online at learngeek.co.

TLDCast with Special Guest Shannon Tipton

Hosted by Brent Schlenker

As owner of Learning Rebels, Shannon Tipton knows what it takes for businesses to get real results from their training departments. Having spent over 20 years developing successful learning strategies and infrastructures, Shannon has helped businesses to realize their full potential. Shannon utilizes her extensive real-world expertise and integrates 21st century learning technologies and microlearning tools that drive workplace alignment, enhance collaboration and increase learning connectivity. Shannon’s book, “Disruptive Learning,” is known in the business industry as an innovative workplace learning strategy resource. As a result, Shannon has been named as one of eLearning’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers. Her blog, “Learning Rebels” is also in the top 100 eLearning blogs and can be found at learningrebels.com.

TLDCast with Special Guest Ray Jimenez

Hosted by Brent Schlenker

Ray Jimenez is the Chief Learning Architect and Founder of VignettesLearning.com. He designed the principal architecture of TrainingMagNetwork.com, with over 100,000 members.

Ray’s passion focuses on helping organizations, learning leaders and learners to apply context-driven and micro-content learning design and delivery. Based on his applied research and work with clients, Ray has developed learning design methodologies and software application that reflect such context-driven learning concepts. The core of his expertise is in Story-Based Learning Designs (SBLD) and Contextual Learning Platforms (CLP). He invented the kernel learning design called “SRIA” – Set up, Relate, Interpret and Apply. SRIA applies to all modalities including micro-elearning and mobile learning.

Ray is the author of the “Story-Based eLearning Design”, “3-Minute e-Learning”, “Scenario-Based e-Learning”, “Do-It-Yourself eLearning” books and several papers and publications. He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader and presents in conferences for ATD, Training Magazine, eLearning Guild, ISPI, Learning Devcamp and others.

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