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The Training, Learning, and Development Community’s focus is on Everyday Improvement for all of our Members and Subscribers. We do that by bringing our audience together IRL “in real life”.

One way we do this is by producing TLDCast, a weekly, hour-long, online, video/audio/text broadcast focused on Training, Learning, and Development.  It’s not a webinar – it’s a mix between a conference session and a hallway conversation — because we all know that’s where the true value of a conference resides.

The sample on the left is a recording of one of our TLDCasts in its native Crowdcast platform.  We also make select episodes available on Youtube and in “audio-only” podcast format.


I can’t imagine succeeding on my own experience. The conversations and connections I make with others has always been the source of solving unique problems in my career. Engaging with TLDChat is like adding all the years of experience the community brings to my own. Everyone who attends has been met with challenges similar or very different to my own. They have all seen solutions to those challenges, some that work better than others. I can evaluate what I learn from the community against my own needs and find answers I might not have found otherwise.

Katie Stroud

President, Incremental Success Inc.

If you think the best part of any conference is the people that you meet and the conversations you have in the hallway, then you’ll love TLDChat — for free — every weekday with no travel required!

Sam Rogers

President, Snap Synapse LLC

I am the kind of person that put a lot of stock in my title and where I used to work.  When I transitioned to higher ed, I no longer had a learning and development team.  I found myself on an island alone.  About a year ago, I made the decision to branch out, put myself out there and try to find others that work in learning and development.  I stumbled across TLDC on Twitter after someone had shared it.  Since then, I’ve become active in the community and I love the fact that my voice is heard.  I have direct access to industry thought leaders and supportive peers.  This summer I was able to meet several of these peers at a conference and I felt like I had a connection with them despite only knowing them online.  The community engagement of TLDChat is unparalleled: you have a host with tremendous knowledge of the industry, the guests on the show provide insights to their corner of the L&D institution, and through an active chat you really get to know people.

I have these two stickers hanging on my door at work and I get asked about them. I share that I’m a part of THE best community in learning and development. My 1 hour of daily professional development has catapulted me to becoming a more intentional instructional designer, provided me a ton of countless time saving hacks, and has made me feel like a part of a community that will continue to grow and flourish.  Because of TLDC I have more confidence in seeking out speaking engagements, I felt empowered to start a podcast with another community member, and I recently started my own business.  The real magic of TLDChat is that I have seen the power of combining multiple voices in and outside of L&D to start critical conversations and advance dialogue about the future.

Cara North

Founder, The Learning Camel, LLC

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