The Training, Learning, and Development Conference Recordings

TLDC16 – San Diego, CA

We hosted the inaugural Training, Learning, and Development Conference on October 3 – 5, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Resort in San Diego, CA.

These were three days of warm sunshine surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and gentle breezes — with lots of learning and Community.

With Keynotes like Allison Rossett, Julian Stodd, and Trish Uhl, we knew this event was going to be something special.

TLDC18 – Phoenix, AZ

The Training, Learning, and Development Conference 2018 took place in Phoenix, Arizona on January 29 & 30.

The warm desert in January was the perfect place to host our event. Even better was bringing it to the Galvanize Learning Technology Campus; part co-working space, part event center.

With a leading-edge program in a state-of-the-art facility, TLDC18 was a tremendous success.

TLDC19 – Phoenix, AZ

We returned to Phoenix for TLDC19.

Taking place on January 28 & 29, our Community came together stronger than ever, built on the foundation of TLDCast’s 400+ episodes and a thriving base of discussion and unity.

Sample Recordings


Why Virtual Reality Matters with Malia Probst

  Malia Probst is an VR/AR producer, connector & host: she is co-founder of Reality Inspired, a virtual reality for marketing and sales tools company focused on luxury brands, and Director of Brand Strategy for VRScout, an LA-based media/news publishing company...

How Much Impact Can Storytelling Have On Learning? with Anne Wolf

  In our world of instant communication and information overwhelm, how much impact can storytelling have on learning? One word: plenty. And how much influence can a marketing executive have on your work as a learning professional? Same word: plenty. Stories about...

Press the Damn Button – Think Like a Fan with Brian Fanzo

  Video is the new television and every business has a recording studio in the palm of their hand. In this session, Brian Fanzo brings his talk about how to leverage video to tell a brand’s stories and the importance of being yourself on video to get over the...

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