The MXRXP Panel (Video)

At TLDC16, we hosted a Mixed Realities Panel that featured:

Peter Campbell, Pearson
Viktor Venson, FutureSculpt
Casey Sapp, VRTUL

If you’re curious at all about this space, take a listen to the Q&A and see how Mixed Realities may be impacting our industry.

TLDC Keynote: Malia Probst

Malia Probst is an VR/AR producer, connector & host: she is co-founder of Reality Inspired, a virtual reality for marketing and sales tools company focused on luxury brands, and Director of Brand Strategy for VRScout, an LA-based media/news publishing company and content studio. She also hosts and produces two podcasts in the mixed reality space: the Real Virtual Show, and the VRScout Report.

Malia delivered a great Keynote at TLDC16, specifically designed for Corporate L&D Professionals.

TLDC Keynote: Brian Fanzo

Brian connects the dots with real-world examples from his Training Mindset to bleeding edge tools and technology such as live streaming and digital storytelling. Brian’s passion for what he does is evident from the first minute you meet him and you’ll see him with multiple devices live streaming, tweeting, and snapchatting.  Brian loves to train and share how and why he does what he does.

TLDC Keynote: Allison Rossett

After 36 years as a university professor, Dr. Allison Rossett is now Professor Emerita of Educational Technology at San Diego State University.

Currently, Dr. Rossett serves as consultant to government agencies and corporations in learning and performance systems. She has worked on topics as diverse as software sales, telecommunications, certifying retirement specialists, transporting animals at the zoo, fast food customer service, and community college instructor effectiveness. She develops learning professionals in instructional design and technology and conducts studies related to needs, capacity, strategy and excellence in the learning enterprise.