Yesterday’s (Today’s) Gaming Platforms are Tomorrow’s (Today’s) Learning Development Tools with Andrew Hughes


Are you confused yet?

Don’t sweat it. It’s really quite simple. Your next learning experience will likely be built on a gaming platform. If the latest Serious Games Challenge is any indication… and it usually is… the next elearning development company you hire will probably be a game development company. At the very least the dev team will have a few game developers on board. Andrew Hughes is the founder of the award winning learning company Designing Digitally. He and his team focus on high impact, effective learning experiences. And that means building learning solutions with gaming technologies. But it’s not all about shiny new technology. There are serious reasons why serious games are becoming more common. Spend an hour with Andrew and you’ll change your view of eLearning development for ever.

How Much Impact Can Storytelling Have On Learning? with Anne Wolf


In our world of instant communication and information overwhelm, how much impact can storytelling have on learning? One word: plenty. And how much influence can a marketing executive have on your work as a learning professional? Same word: plenty. Stories about brands help businesses connect with audiences in a more personal and purposeful way. Don’t we have similar goals in L&D? Shouldn’t we be striving to connect with our learners in a more personal and purposeful way? Marketing achieves this by sharing experiences that uniquely demonstrate how a business, product or service can solve problems, and those resonate on a deeper thinking and emotional level. It is through storytelling that businesses gain an opportunity to stand apart from competitors through their unique perspective or voice. And your learning solutions can do the same if you choose to learn from the wisdom of a marketing professional.

Anne will not only share her wisdom of storytelling, but she’ll also share with us lessons learned from working with Steve Jobs during her time at Apple Inc.

And before we break for lunch Brent Schlenker will sit down for a chat with Anne to answer your questions and connect the dots between storytelling, marketing, and learning.

This is a session you do NOT want to miss!

Press the Damn Button – Think Like a Fan with Brian Fanzo


Video is the new television and every business has a recording studio in the palm of their hand. In this session, Brian Fanzo brings his talk about how to leverage video to tell a brand’s stories and the importance of being yourself on video to get over the fear of video and as he says PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON!

Don’t You Dare Call Them Learners…Unless They’re Actually Learning with Joe Ganci


So many learning initiatives, especially in self-paced eLearning, have fallen flat, leading to a lot of time and money wasted. Worse yet, those we call learners are learning very little as a result. They are not learners; they are victims of good intentions and bad research.

How do we solve this problem? How do we make people true learners, truly happier and more productive? The old ways simply don’t work very well. A step-by-step script on how to reach an objective forces people down one path: no thinking required, thank you very much. Instead, we must give learners the tools they need and then let them take the reins and guide their learning to the end result. We must challenge them and make them the owners of their own learning paths.

We will:

Explore the different ways that learners can be put in charge of their own learning.
Determine which of the many new and old technologies can assist learners in finding solutions to the corporate challenges they face.
Create learning approaches that are not scripted like movies, but more guided as an artist might be.
Inspire learners to find solutions that others have found before but also ones that are unique.

Human beings are capable of outstanding insights when given the chance. Let’s give them that chance.

Joe has been in this business a long time and has seen what works and what doesn’t work. He has been excited at the newer technologies that allow learners to be so much more self-sufficient and self-starting, but has been disappointed to see how often these are not used or used poorly. He wants the industry to focus on much better ways and is currently working to ensure the industry has the guidance and tools it needs to do so.

Corporate Training and Storytelling with Katie Stroud


We love stories. They inspire us. They challenge our way of thinking. More importantly, in our field of work, stories can teach us. They can inspire the need to learn in your organization unlike any compliance initiative thrown your way. The question is, how do we use story to do all this in a corporate setting?

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to invent a story to teach people at work; the story is already there. All you really have to do is find it. That’s a big job, but there’s one little job that will begin to make a big difference right now. Join me to learn how to craft questions that get to the heart of the story at work. Help your audience be the heroes that move everyone to success.

Maximizing Memory: Practical Neuroscience for Learning Professionals with Ron Robertson


How do we use neuroscience to maximise our memory? In this presentation entrepreneur, Ron Robertson will talk to us about how neuroscience influenced his startup, Picmonic. Ron was studying neuroscience in medical school when he realized how powerful images can be in the learning process. It often takes someone from outside of the learning industry to truly disrupt the work we do. After hearing Ron speak and seeing the Picmonic strategy in action you will be wondering why WE didn’t think of that.