Why Virtual Reality Matters with Malia Probst


Malia Probst is an VR/AR producer, connector & host: she is co-founder of Reality Inspired, a virtual reality for marketing and sales tools company focused on luxury brands, and Director of Brand Strategy for VRScout, an LA-based media/news publishing company and content studio. She also hosts and produces two podcasts in the mixed reality space: the Real Virtual Show, and the VRScout Report.

Malia was born and raised in Indiana, now based in Los Angeles, was married on Pi Day (3/14/15), has a 12-lb terrier mix son named Bentley, and is passionate about any tools that empower humanity and raise the collective consciousness.

Immersive Learning Experiences and the Future of Workplace Learning with Andrew Hughes


The Future of Learning Is Here We have always struggled to envision the future, often superimposing new technology over our current views at a given period of time. The challenge of imagining the future of learning can seem daunting. However, snapshots already exist. We just need to look beyond current assumptions to identify some of the key tenets for the learning environments of the future.

Cultivating Happiness—Is it the job of the workplace learning professional? with Allison Rossett


I have a checkered past. I got tossed out of dancing school at 6.

The same for Brownies soon after. Out, out, out. And in my first job at college, the Assistant Head Librarian told me I lacked a “library personality.” Again I was out.

Yet I went on to enjoy a very productive career by every measure.

I think it boils down to finding happiness in my work. Imagine if we could actively work to help associates be happier at work, imagine the benefits to the organization– and the individuals. That’s what I’ll talk about– what we know about happiness and what people in our world can do to make it happen.

Please join Allison in this bold, refreshing, and new keynote on Happiness and Workplace Learning. This session will turn into a group discussion activity leading to organizational performance and social learning insights.

Alison is both an academic and an enterprise realist. She is the calm, steady and confident voice of reason questioning new technologies distracting the rest of us.

But don’t let her healthy skepticism fool you.

Allison is a curious and quirky personality. She is a big fan of technology and understands its business impact better than most L&D professionals. She has seen it all: New and working tech implementations, and ones that crash and burn.

We are excited to have Allison as our opening keynote to set the tone for The Training, Learning and Development Conference. She’s a straight shooter with an authentic voice, speaking the truth about realities we face in the 21st-century workplace.

Overwhelmed by the noise of disruption, online chatter, and tech du jour? Listen to Allison’s message of people first, technology second. Be excited about the possibilities of new tech, but get work done. Have a reality check and provide value to the business.

Allison will energize you with the passion you need to do the right thing!

Training Mindset: Foundation for Digital Storytelling with Brian Fanzo


Brian Fanzo, aka @iSocialFanz, is best known as a speaker and influencer in the “live streaming” space. However, the foundation of his work after college was in Training & Development: first for the Department of Defense & Cyber Security, then at IO Datacenters, a cloud computing startup.

So how do these worlds link?

Much of Brian’s success as a technology influencer, thought leader and global speaker is rooted in what he likes to refer to as having a Training Mindset. When building out live streaming and influencer marketing projects with big brands, Brian uses his #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy, which connects the Training Mindset with the community, information, experiences, places and people.

Brian will connect the dots with real-world examples from his Training Mindset to bleeding edge tools and technology such as live streaming and digital storytelling. Brian’s passion for what he does will be evident from the first minute you meet him at the event till he walks off the stage. You’ll see him with multiple devices live streaming, tweeting, and snapchatting — but don’t worry, stop him and ask questions; Brian loves to train and share how and why he does what he does.