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Blog Name: Christiana Learns
Author: Christiana Houck
Blog Name: Catalyst Sale Blog
Author: Mike Simmons
Blog Name: Designed for Learning!
Author: Taruna Goel
Blog Name: The Art of Online Teaching – The Path to Become A Better Online Educator and Trainer
Author: Randy Rebman
Blog Name: Gamification Blog
Author: An Coppens
Blog Name: Model eLearning – Insights from the design team at Spring Arbor University
Author: Jessica Bishop and others
Blog Name: Simon Blair Training
Author: Simon Blair


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Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Potential of eLearning in the Workplace with host Andrew Hughes and guest Alex Salas

When we talk eLearning, we are often considering moving beyond PDFs, MS Word, and Powerpoint. But implementing eLearning in your training program isn’t just about a shift in tools and platform, it’s also about the fundamental question of how you are answering business needs. And just as important, the context within which you are launching your eLearning is a critical component of its success.

So listen in on Andrew Hughes and Alex Salas as they discuss their own “Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Potential of eLearning”. This is an excellent episode from two highly experienced instructional designers that have worked on eLearning projects big, small and everywhere in-between.

Learning Analytics Data Privacy, Tracking and What’s Ahead featuring Guest Duncan Welder and Host Andrew Hughes

Learning Analytics Data Privacy, Tracking and What’s Ahead featuring Guest Duncan Welder and Host Andrew Hughes

Duncan Welder is a long time instructional designer and LMS implementation specialist with a passion for tracking data. As the Director of Client Services at RISC Inc he focuses on using learning analytics to find solutions for customers and clients.

Duncan and Andrew talk about the similarities of their background and common experiences they share “coming up” in the L&D space at the same time.

They also discuss:

  • Making sure you have a great relationship with IT
  • Trends, adaptation, and the current state of and future of xAPI
  • The Learning Record Store (LRS) as the central hub of L&D
  • Data Privacy and Data Tracking
  • and much more.

Focus on Performance Outcomes — not Training Requests with guest John Temples and host Kristen Hayden Safdie

Focus on Performance Outcomes — not Training Requests with guest John Temples and host Kristen Hayden Safdie

John Temples went from middle school science teacher to instructional designer to learning consultant. Working with manufacturing companies, he learned that focusing on performance outcomes is key in successfully achieving organizational learning objectives, and that just building training isn’t the best solution – focus on performance.

If you’re someone who works with or in a manufacturing company, or if you deal with alot of troubleshooting processes, this will be a great listen. It’s an excellent conversation between two seasoned instructional designers and is part case study and part profile of John Temples.

  • This episode covers:
  • Making the transition from being a middle school teacher to a instructional designer
  • Using field trips for training – “experiential onboarding”
  • The culture advantages of working for a family owned business
  • Moving to a larger company and the challenges that go with it
  • Migrating from technical training to operational excellence
  • Building a web app for performance support and tracking
  • … and more.

Niels Floor: Learning Experience Design Pioneer

Niels Floor: Learning Experience Design Pioneer

This audio only version of TLDCast took place on Friday, November 1, 2019 online in front of a live audience.

In this episode, I talk with Niels Floor, Learning Experience Design Pioneer. In May 2007, Niels originated and coined the term “Learning Experience Design”, with the job title following shortly thereafter. He’s also the Founder & Owner of Shapers, a Learning Experience Design Consultancy based out of the Netherlands.

This was a very interesting conversation that shed light on the beginnings of Learning Experience Design, how it originated, some perspectives on its global impact, and where its going. This discussion is a must listen for anyone doing instructional design that find themselves particularly focused on the design aspect of things. And if you’re wondering about how instructional design is evolving, understanding the beginnings of LXD and why it’s relevant is definitely something you’re going to want to learn about.

If you’re a current TLDC member, you can access to the entire transcript of this episode, as well as the audience chat HERE.

Niels Floor: Learning Experience Design Pioneer

by Niels Floor | TLDCast Podcast