Wednesday, September 11 | Choosing and Launching a New LMS

The LMS Industry is worth billions of dollars. And a good amount of those dollars are strategically budgeted to make choosing the right LMS a difficult choice.

Well Tom McDowall of Evolve Learning Design is here to help. Tom will discuss how to choose the right LMS and how to launch it in your organization. He’ll share his experiences working with a variety of LMSs and get you headed in the right direction.

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September 2020 | The LMS Playlist

If there is one L&D tool that is overlooked and maligned, it’s the Learning Management System (LMS).

The global on-demand learning management system market size was USD $3.728 billion in 2019 and is forecast to hit USD $13.540 billion by the end of 2026, with a CAGR of 20.0 percent in 2021-2026.

And with COVID-19 drastically changing how we live and learn, those numbers are accelerating even faster.

So it’s no wonder that any search for LMS reviews, feedback, or product information will result in highly polished marketing pieces touting the superiority of one product over the next. Getting “real” information is an exercise in frustration and futility.

So in this LMS Playlist, we hope to change that. What you’ll find in this series are conversations with real people about their first-hand experiences with a variety of LMSs. You’ll also learn more about what an LMS Admin does, and how it relates to the role of an instructional designer and its position in the organization.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear actual stories from L&D professionals “in the trenches” with the LMS!

Featuring, Quetzalcoatl Cortes, Tom McDowall, Craig Sybert, Christiana Houck, and more.

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Friday, September 4 | LMS Real Talk: Guest Quetzalcoatl Cortes on Life as an LMS Admin

Recently in our Slack group at, Rubina Halwani suggested bringing on some guests willing to talk about the LMSs they use or support, and what their experiences are like.

Excellent idea!

So in this episode, we talk with Quetzalcoatl Cortes about his experience as an LMS Admin. Quetzal is an instructional designer with a penchant for being resourceful — an ideal combination for being an LMS Admin.

And in this talk, I learned much more than I expected about the role of an LMS Admin, and how truly challenging the job can be.

In fact, the conversation was so rich in ideas and concepts, I’ve decided it’s going to be the first part of a new TLDC playlist specifically about LMSs.

Give it a watch and you’ll see why. And stay tuned for more episodes about how community members work with their LMS. It’s an overlooked topic about a tool that is mission critical to the L&D function; this series is sure to be interesting and worth learning from.

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