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It’s more important than ever to stay focused on your productivity and stay disciplined about what you’re paying attention to and where you’re spending your precious time while in front of a screen.

Below are a few links to TLDC Members and Supporter blogs that you can add to your RSS feeds or bookmarks.

It’s almost unavoidable to get sucked into the daily news cycle, but these TLDC submissions may help you stay on the right track of focusing on your professional development while you’re online.

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Blog Name: Christiana Learns
Author: Christiana Houck
Blog Name: Catalyst Sale Blog
Author: Mike Simmons
Blog Name: Designed for Learning!
Author: Taruna Goel
Blog Name: The Art of Online Teaching – The Path to Become A Better Online Educator and Trainer
Author: Randy Rebman
Blog Name: Gamification Blog
Author: An Coppens
Blog Name: Model eLearning – Insights from the design team at Spring Arbor University
Author: Jessica Bishop and others
Blog Name: Simon Blair Training
Author: Simon Blair


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Tuesday, August 11 | Guest Joe Pulichino and Host Kristen Hayden Safdie – Case Study: Turning Compliance Training Into A TV Series

Join guest Joe Pulichino, Ed.D., Senior Manager, Compliance & Ethics, T-Mobile for a case study hosted by Kristen Hayden Safdie.

Joe and his team reimagined and reengineered an entirely new Professional Standards Training Program in a video-based learning experience. This experience promotes their culture, supports behavior, and most importantly 😉 checks all the regulatory and policy compliance boxes.

Tune in for some insights on the script writing and production process and how they coordinate across business units to ensure alignment and relevance for their retail, call center, engineering, corporate, and branch offices operations.

And lastly, you’ll get a peek into how they’re laying out the next steps of their journey.

Join us!

Thursday, August 6 | Community Discussion: Instructional Designers and Teachers – Differences and Similarities?

The pandemic has massively disrupted the education space. And one of the major areas of impact has had teachers scrambling: Implementing Distance Learning.

So over the last few months, there has been tremendous resolve by K-12 and higher-ed Teachers to build and improve on their skills as online instructors. And that has naturally led them to a road often journeyed by instructional designers.

Join us for a Community Discussion where we’ll discuss the synergies and differences between these two professions.

There will be lots of QA on this one with a goal to outline what teachers can learn from instructional designers, and what ID’s can learn from teachers.

Join us!

Wednesday, July 29 | Member Showcase: Kristin Torrence

Meet Kristin Torrence!

From her website at

“For the past 10 years, I have been fascinated by cognition. There is something so captivating about studying humans’ innate ability to encode and make meaning of the information we’re exposed to, how our attention, stimulation, and memory play a role in shaping our understanding of the word, and how we can leverage our knowledge of how the human mind works to motivate and unlock skills and abilities within ourselves and others. It is this very passion that fuels my work with my clients.”

We are very excited to have Kristin as our next Member Showcase guest!

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Tuesday, July 28 | Special Guest Holly Owens with host Toddi Norum

Holly Owens is currently the Assistant Director of Instructional Design with Online Education at Touro College and University System. She has over 13 years of experience in education in various roles, including instructional technologist and high school educator. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in education, and instructional design. Holly is currently pursuing her doctorate in Education Administration and Leadership with Touro University Nevada and will graduate next summer. She has a passion for instructional design, online teaching, and making education accessible for all!

Beyond her professional bio, Holly really does have passion for supporting educators who teach online. She has a treasure box full of tools and insights to help make the casual online instructor into a pro and recently spoke on a podcast about the Canvas/Instructor platform.

Join host Todd Norum as she discusses with Holly what she thinks has changed in the world of online education since COVID, and where she sees things going for the instructional designer; where will the jobs be, and whatshe thinks most of us will need to know/understand.

Be prepared for some great insights!

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