The Changing Workplace Learning Landscape – Are You Keeping Up?

The digital revolution in full swing and accelerating at a rapid pace.  Employers are struggling to keep existing employees well versed and learning in their jobs and get new employees up to speed quickly. And the retiring generation is leaving the workforce at an ever increasing rate. Existing employees, with little institutional knowledge, are struggling to shore up their foundation.

All of this creates a significant gap in what employers want and need to remain competitive, engaged, and productive.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing world and workplace

In the past, corporate training was used to bridge the gap. It has been a costly venture for most organizations and has not gained significant traction with leadership due to the inability to prove ROI.  Also, smaller organizations have been unable to fund expensive training programs. Thus they fall farther and farther behind in their efforts to be competitive. The knowledge gap increases rapidly on a daily basis.

At times we look to government to close the gap, but it’s not positioned to keep up with the rapid change. The government is a large bureaucracy intended to move at glacial speed. This keeps them from issuing large policy changes that have a negative impact due to lack of research or meaningful compromise. Schools are hamstrung with the same issue.


So where do we turn to keep up with the rapidly changing world and workplace?

As I listened to Zoë and Allen discuss solutions, I was reminded that it’s not just the politicians who will pave the way for a brighter economic future.

It’s the business owners and entrepreneurs creating jobs.

It’s the workers who may not have a traditional education but have the dedication.

It’s the people who are passionate enough to develop the training and the tools, creating a better life for everyone.

Organizations have a unique opportunity to help fill this widening gap.

As organizations step up to the plate and invest in learning opportunities (not training) for their people, they create the environment for businesses to keep pace with the significant changes in the workplace and provide economic opportunity for their employees.

It is a ‘win-win’ situation!

Top 5 L&D Priorities

The learning landscape at organizations needs to change. A 2016 survey from leading learning research organization, Brandon-Hall, demonstrates this shift is underway. Businesses realize the traditional way of training employees is not working. They are looking for more agile and nimble solutions that keep pace.

Are you ready to tackle the challenge of Creating a Culture of Learning?

Learning is a process, not an event.  But all too often we create individual courses rather than focusing on the learning that is already happening organically and ensuring it’s focused on moving the organization toward its defined goals. Participation in these one-time events has a negligible impact on behavior change and does not promote improved performance.

Does learning at your organization look like a list of scheduled courses or online modules that fail to yield the desired results?

Or is learning embedded into the very fabric of your culture where newcomers, as well as the retiring generation, seek out information and solutions that will enable them to creatively solve problems, work as cohesive teams, and react to challenges as they build resiliency and grow your organization?

Creating a Culture of Learning is a series of workshops designed to examine your current corporate learning culture and identify gaps that may exist between your current and desired learning ecosystem. Together, we define learning goals that are tied to your organizational goals and design a blueprint to achieve those goals with tools that evaluate their success.

It is a twelve-month program that will help you lay the foundation for learning that both inspires and engages.

The program results yield more engaged employees, an increase in speed to productivity and lengthened retention rates.

Smart Learning for Business Success, LLC is known in the industry as an innovative leader in learning that changes the dynamic in human behavior. Our mantra of “reinventing the learning process” is at the heart of everything we do. We combine the art of building creative solutions with the neuroscience of brain function to create targeted solutions that meet organizational needs, as well as individual wants and desires.

The Creating a Culture of Learning program puts you on the path to a vibrant and engaging culture of learning at your organization.

Want to learn more?  Download our white paper below.

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