Special Guest Mike Simmons

Today’s guest was Mike Simmons from CatalystSale.com. He’s been helping people improve their business outcomes for years and shares his tips on the importance of reflection and goal setting. It’s that perfect time of year to have these conversations. Even if you’re a one person training team or a solo-preneur you need to take time to reflect, gather data, and plan for the coming year. You can reach out to Mike, or anyone in the TLDCommunity if you have questions or need help moving your career in the right, or better, direction.

  1. Who is Mike Simmons?
  2. Reflecting on Your Year – Why it’s important
  3. Gathering Data to Make Decisions
  4. IoT and Wearables for tracking data
  5. Goal Setting, Planning, Time Management, Eisenhower Box

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Amazon Patents Trackable Wristband

Eisenhower Box Graphic
Book: Time Management Magic by Lee Cockerell
Eisenhower Box Graphic

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Video Friday – Special Guest Alan Natachu – Creating Video with PowerPoint

Join us for a special tutorial episode with Alan Natachu: How to Create Videos with PPT/Keynote.

Alan Natachu is a Technology Training Coordinator at Madison College, Madison, WI. He shifted from an artist career, working with the likes of ABC/Disney and the Smithsonian, to a training career when he was hired as a Creative at Apple, where he worked two years in a technology trainer role. Alan’s work with Apple gave him the skills to be an extraordinary and innovative trainer for faculty and staff in higher education.

  1. Alan’s History
  2. Adding a video to PowerPoint for eLearning
  3. Synchronizing graphics to video within Powerpoint
  4. Animating in PPT for Video
  5. Magic Move and MORPH – Your secret weapons in creating video with PPT/Keynote

Links in the chat:

Sample video of Graphics Created in PPT
Nancy Duarte: Pushing the Limits of Powerpoint Animation

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Special Guest Sonia Furini Talking vILT

Sonia is the co-owner and Virtual Classroom Services Director at Virtual Learning Collaborative. With over 14 years of fun and excitement in learning and development, she is a relationship builder and techie at heart. Sonia focuses on increasing collaboration and partnership with clients, continuously developing staff skill sets, and building strong relationships with clients and contractors alike. Her commitment to an open communication style, and genuine desire to see others succeed has led to exponential growth for Virtual Learning Collaborative and their clients.

  1. Sonia’s History
  2. Transitioning to eLearning
  3. What’s a vILT Producer
  4. Important elements of a vILT session
  5. Influencing management to support the addition of a vILT Producer

Links in the chat:

Virtual Learning Collaborative

Jo Cook Podcast: What is the best vILT platform for me

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Special Guest Harrison Withers

Harrison Withers is our guest today. He is an L&D consultant with Tier1 Consulting and has a lot of experiences to share with TLDC. He is also the author of Organisation Horsepower: Thinking Like a Motorcycle Racing Team.

  1. Harrison’s History
  2. Transitioning to eLearning
  3. Organization Horsepower – His book based on a blog post
  4. The over emphasis on infrastructure
  5. The tech doesn’t solve your business problems

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Organization Horsepower


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#TLDCast Open Forum – Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Today was an open forum with special guest Garth Algar of Wayne’s World fame.
Okay so it was actually your regular host Brent Schlenker doing his best Garth impersonation for Halloween. It was an open forum as well. The conversation went in many different directions. However… we DID have some interesting points being made on a few unique topics.

  1. Wayne’s World Intro
  2. What can we learn about learning from Wayne’s World
  3. Before there was YouTube there was Public Access Television
  4. Many creative people create educational content every day
  5. Humor is the best medicine
  6. Vote for your favorite song in a musical for us to parody at TLDC19

Links in the chat:

Topher Sample Musical Parody from Video Friday

Promposal Video Parady of LaLa Land Movie Intro

The Ingenius Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

Keynote Presenter Covering Millenials

Kassy’s Amazing book and presentation about Interacting and Engaging in the Virtual Classroom

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Picture: Markus Spiske