Friday, September 4 | LMS Real Talk: Guest Quetzalcoatl Cortes on Life as an LMS Admin

September 03, 2020

Recently in our Slack group at, Rubina Halwani suggested bringing on some guests willing to talk about the LMSs they use or support, and what their experiences are like.

Excellent idea!

So in this episode, we talk with Quetzalcoatl Cortes about his experience as an LMS Admin. Quetzal is an instructional designer with a penchant for being resourceful — an ideal combination for being an LMS Admin.

And in this talk, I learned much more than I expected about the role of an LMS Admin, and how truly challenging the job can be.

In fact, the conversation was so rich in ideas and concepts, I’ve decided it’s going to be the first part of a new TLDC playlist specifically about LMSs.

Give it a watch and you’ll see why. And stay tuned for more episodes about how community members work with their LMS. It’s an overlooked topic about a tool that is mission critical to the L&D function; this series is sure to be interesting and worth learning from.

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By Luis Malbas

Founder, Wrangler, Floating Tool Bar of all things TLDC.

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