Friday, June 26 | How to Become an Instructional Designer in 2020 with Devlin Peck

June 22, 2020

It’s 2020, what does it take to be an Instructional Designer?

Join Devlin Peck, a tech-savvy instructional designer with a passion for pushing eLearning to its limits. He’ll be discussing an excellent resource he published fantastic for folks new in the field or refreshing their skillsets.

You can find the resource HERE.

Devlin Peck started his eLearning consultancy while earning his Master’s Degree at Florida State University. By the time he graduated, he had an award-winning portfolio and a client list that kept him and his partner busy full-time.

Today, they work together under Peck Consulting LLC to provide instructional design, eLearning, and xAPI services to clients worldwide.

Devlin also contributes to the community by posting free resources on his website.

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By Luis Malbas

Founder, Wrangler, Floating Tool Bar of all things TLDC.

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