Friday, April 17 | Community Discussion: Update on Industry Events

April 16, 2020

Friday, April 17 | Community Discussion: Update on Industry Events

One of the hardest hit industries suffering from the corona virus is the event industry. Hotels, airlines, meeting facilities, restaurants – the list goes on and on – all massively impacted, and our industry’s conferences are getting cancelled, suspended, or changed.

In this Community Discussion, we’ll be talking specifics about which conferences are still scheduled, which have changed, and which have been cancelled.

We’ll also talk about newly launched events, as well as do some Q&A with the live participants about their perspective on the challenges our industry events are facing.

Events unchanged

EdTech Week London, UK June 15 
ATD Core 4 Chicago, IL July 14-15
Learning DevCamp Salt Lake City, UT Sept 14 
DevLearn Las Vegas, NV Oct 21-23 
TechLearn 2020 Austin, TX Oct 13-15
Learning 2020 Orlando, FL Nov 15-18
i4pl 2020 Toronto, Canada Nov 17-19
Online Educa Berlin December 2-4 
SHRM San Diego, CA June 28 

List of events cancelled

ATD ICE May 17 – 20 
Learning Technologies June 2 
Canadian eLearning Conference June 25-26 
Impact 2020 May 10-12

List of events changed

Learning Solutions Conference —> Learning Solutions Online Conference
CLO Symposium —> CLO Virtual Symposium
CANelearn 2020 Digital Learning Symposium —> now virtual
CHRO Exchange —> 100% online
CLO Exchange —> Going virtual
2020 Training Industry Conference & Expo —> date changed to September
D2L Fusion 2020 —> now online

Questions for live audience

Did you attend conferences regularly (2 or more a year)? And if so, will not being able to attend an event have an adverse effect on your professional development?

Do you currently have a need to upskill or reskill because of the pandemic?

Is your opinion of conferences going to change moving forward? For example, are they a critical enough part of your professional development that you will immediately return to attending as soon as possible?

What will be required to make you feel comfortable returning to attending live events?

Are you registered for or looking to register for any upcoming live online events?

If you’re registered for an online event, what is it?

Do you have any sense of how your organization is going to make decisions about your professional development going forward?

By tldcom

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