The Productivity Playlist

January 2020
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January 2
8:00am PT
2019 Productivity Lessons Learned

Sleep schedules, Bullet Journals, and book recommendations to help habits stick. What worked in 2019.


Kristin Hayden Safdie

Consultant, Motivf

January 6
8:00am PT
Using Adobe XD As A Storyboarding Tool

XD isn’t just a design tool for UX. You can use it for storyboarding, image management, and much more!


Joe Ganci

President, eLearning Joe

January 14
7:00am PT
Productivity: More Than Just Time Management

Productivity is about time management, but there are more important resources than time: Focus, Gumption, and Fear. We’ll be talking about how to strategically address those along with some on-screen technical hacks that I use to make the drudgery go by quickly and free space for the creative important work.

Jonathan Rock

Learning Stylist

January 16
8:00am PT
Camtasia Workflow tips!

Join Jayne Davids as she shares some of her Camtasia workflow settings that help optimize her experience. She’ll also share some of her favorite Camtasia keyboard shortcuts!

Jayne Davids

Camtasia Trainer & Editor

January 20
8:00am PT
The Power of Reflection and Planning

Learn about how Jo Cook developed an evolved process of tracking personal Reflection time, and how it has positively impacted her productivity.

Jo Cook

Founder & Direct, Lightbulb Moment Limited

January 24
7:00am PT

Productivity methods are great. But there is a key method that eludes many people. That is the shortcut. Join Alan Natachu as he shares his favorite shortcuts across multiple platforms and why he likes them so.

Alan Natachu

Exact Sciences, Learning Experience Designer

January 28
8:00am PT
Project Kickoff!

Maximizing your productivity with tools for success. Planning, note-taking, prototyping, and reviewing: some proven tools to help you succeed.


Nick Floro

President, Sealworks Interactive

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