Is A Formal L&D Degree Necessary? with Cara North, Chad Smith, and Richard Harrell

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Is a formal L&D degree worth it? Is it a requirement if you want to have a career as an instructional designer or a corporate trainer?

There are so many factors that go into answering questions like these and this episode answers quite a few of them. Join Cara North, Chackras Smith, and Richard Harrell for a busy discussion on whether or not having a formal degree in L&D is a requirement in today’s job market for instructional designers. This panel also discusses the types of degrees that are available out there, as well as why having a degree might be necessary for you to be successful.

You’ll also hear about recommended programs and universities, as well as realistic expectations of what the journey to an M.A. or Ph.D. in Education is like.

Is A Formal L&D Degree Necessary?

by Host Cara North with Special Guests Chackras Smith and Richard Harrell | TLDCast Podcast

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