Case Study: Designing Digitally Builds Assessment Simulation for Procter and Gamble

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Here’s an excellent case study that features a simulation Designing Digitally created for Susan Manos and Procter & Gamble (P&G). P&G conduct self-assessments of the Quality Programs at all of their production, research, distribution, and warehousing facilities to ensure all are meeting the organization’s performance standards. These assessments are called QPHA’s and they provide a framework for evaluation and understanding of the quality level output by the teams that participate. There is a related elearning module that is shared to employees, but Susan Manos and P&G decided to add a life-like assessment to accelerate the transfer and adoption of this program.

Cue Designing Digitally and Andrew Hughes, with a solution requiring building a simulation.

Designing Digitally worked with SMEs from P&D to write a fictional story about a plant that is releasing a new product. DDINC then worked with SMEs to create a 3D model of the plant for the learners to explore as if they were conducting an assessment at the site. Learners visit different sections of the plant, such as the research labs, production lines, and loading docks, to discover how the site is handling the new product release.

Andrew and Susan have an excellent discussion about the process from beginning to end, and you can clearly see why the results were so positive. The project wasn’t without its challenges, but the overall success was worth the hurdles they overcame.

Andrew Hughes and Susan Manos: A Sneak Peek into Simulated Training at P&G

by Host Andrew Hughes and Special Guest Susan Manos | TLDCast Podcast

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