From Vaughnsville, OH to 21st Century L&D with Andrew Hughes and Craig Sybert

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There are currently 249 people living in Vaughnsville, Ohio. Today on TLDCast, we had two former residents of that small town, both of them now Learning and Development Professionals. Andrew Hughes and Craig Sybert grew up with completely separate lives (although Craig’s father did date Andrew’s Aunt for a few months) and they discovered their common connection at an ATD conference, and have since managed to stay in touch here in The Training, Learning, and Development Community.

Take a listen to their interesting stories, and hear about their childhood, how their roots affected their career choice, and how they evolved with technology as youngsters in Vaughnsville, OH, including what L&D was like then and now.

From Vaughnsville, OH to 21st Century L&D

by Host Andrew Hughes and guest Craig Sybert | TLDCast Podcast

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