Community Discussion: What are some things you wish you had known before becoming an instructional designer?

May 13, 2019

Was it the SMEs? The technology? Working behind the scenes? Maybe you wish you had known you’d end working with and for so many so called “experts”. Or perhaps it was the assessments that are driving you nuts. Or the tedious exercise of having to adapt materials from one format to another.

We had Valary Oleinik, Rubina Halwani, Jonathan Rock, Kristen Hayden Safide, Cara North, and Quetzalcoatl Cortes join us for a fantastic discussion where they contributed their “lists” of things they wish they had known. They discussed the need to wear lots of hats, to letting go of their “babies”, to the struggle to find support within the organization and lots more.

Don’t miss this Community Discussion! Easily one of the better discussions we’ve had in TLDCast.

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  1. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing all these rich experiences! I’m a beginner in ID and this podcast was great for me! =)

    • tldcom

      Thank you for the comment Erica! It’s feedback like yours that keep us doing what we do. We really appreciate it!


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