How Much Impact Can Storytelling Have On Learning? with Anne Wolf


In our world of instant communication and information overwhelm, how much impact can storytelling have on learning? One word: plenty. And how much influence can a marketing executive have on your work as a learning professional? Same word: plenty. Stories about brands help businesses connect with audiences in a more personal and purposeful way. Don’t we have similar goals in L&D? Shouldn’t we be striving to connect with our learners in a more personal and purposeful way? Marketing achieves this by sharing experiences that uniquely demonstrate how a business, product or service can solve problems, and those resonate on a deeper thinking and emotional level. It is through storytelling that businesses gain an opportunity to stand apart from competitors through their unique perspective or voice. And your learning solutions can do the same if you choose to learn from the wisdom of a marketing professional.

Anne will not only share her wisdom of storytelling, but she’ll also share with us lessons learned from working with Steve Jobs during her time at Apple Inc.

And before we break for lunch Brent Schlenker will sit down for a chat with Anne to answer your questions and connect the dots between storytelling, marketing, and learning.

This is a session you do NOT want to miss!

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