Don’t You Dare Call Them Learners…Unless They’re Actually Learning with Joe Ganci


So many learning initiatives, especially in self-paced eLearning, have fallen flat, leading to a lot of time and money wasted. Worse yet, those we call learners are learning very little as a result. They are not learners; they are victims of good intentions and bad research.

How do we solve this problem? How do we make people true learners, truly happier and more productive? The old ways simply don’t work very well. A step-by-step script on how to reach an objective forces people down one path: no thinking required, thank you very much. Instead, we must give learners the tools they need and then let them take the reins and guide their learning to the end result. We must challenge them and make them the owners of their own learning paths.

We will:

Explore the different ways that learners can be put in charge of their own learning.
Determine which of the many new and old technologies can assist learners in finding solutions to the corporate challenges they face.
Create learning approaches that are not scripted like movies, but more guided as an artist might be.
Inspire learners to find solutions that others have found before but also ones that are unique.

Human beings are capable of outstanding insights when given the chance. Let’s give them that chance.

Joe has been in this business a long time and has seen what works and what doesn’t work. He has been excited at the newer technologies that allow learners to be so much more self-sufficient and self-starting, but has been disappointed to see how often these are not used or used poorly. He wants the industry to focus on much better ways and is currently working to ensure the industry has the guidance and tools it needs to do so.

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