Demystifying Sales – We Sell Knowledge – So Let’s Learn How to Sell it! with Mike Simmons

April 09, 2019


A Simple Four Step Roadmap to “sell” your training

Everyone sells. You hear it all the time. And you understand what it means. But have you ever put it into practice? Sales is a discipline and requires a process. Just like designing instruction. The best sales performers follow a simple process. We have our ADDIE, LLAMA, and SAM models. Sales has fancy branded names for their process too.

Mike has cracked the sales process code and will teach us all how to apply it to the work we do. Instead of us needing to learn the language of sales, Mike has translated sales into our language. He’s done it for elite former special forces members re-entering the civilian workforce and we’re excited to have him do it for us at TLDC.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Research – Gathering the data
  • Storytelling – Entering your customer’s story
  • Time Management – Doing the Right Stuff – Saying NO
  • Project Management – Influencing Others to Execute

We know many of you are consultants, or are currently employed wanting to start consulting. This conversation applies to all of us in every situation. If the term sales is what bothers you, then just think of it as a necessary roadmap for your success. Because it works!

By tldcom

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