A Simple Planning Model to Get The Best out of New Technologies like VR, AI and AR with Debbie Richards and Hugh Seaton

April 09, 2019


New Learning Technologies: Moving from ADDIE to ADDEDD

We are seeing a wave of new technologies come into elearning, from AI chatbots, voice-enabled assistants to Virtual and Augmented reality experiences.

Each of these has its own unique capabilities, each of these has its own benefits to bring to L&D programs. But how to do they fit into these programs? How should we think about a virtual reality experience in the context of a course? How does a chatbot integrate with, say, a course for new managers?

In this session, we’ll review some of these new technologies from a strictly learning perspective, then introduce a new planning model, ADDEDD, that updates the venerated ADDIE model for a new age.

You’ll get a foundation for how VR, AR and select AI technologies work together, and how to work with a vendor or internal team to make them combine for truly new learning experiences and capabilities.

You’ll also walk away with a clear framework to guide future developments, no matter what the technology.

By tldcom

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