Video Friday – Special Guest Amanda Kaufmann of Thrasher Editorial

March 08, 2019

Video Friday brings Sam Roger and Brent Schlenker co-hosting and talking with a guest, Amanda JS Kaufmann. She is a producer and an authoring specialist with comprehensive publishing and production experience in academics, technology, and healthcare. With her network of A/V professionals, Kaufmann has directed and produced video projects across the country and is expanding her reach with independent film projects. They discuss techniques in front of and behind the camera and video in general.

  1. Amanda’s history
  2. Pre production
  3. Knowing your audience
  4. Working with teams
  5. Budgets
  6. Taking on jobs
  7. Shipping equipment
  8. Shoot setup

Links in the chat:

Watch the Playback:

Picture: Laura Lee Moreau

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