Special Guest Michael Noble of TTA

February 14, 2019

Today, Brent Schlenker talks to Michael Noble about tools, the learner experience and his years in the L&D Industry. Michael J. Noble, PhD, is TTA’s Chief Operating Officer & Chief Learning Strategist. In addition to leading TTA’s sales and operations teams, he works with clients to map their future state objectives and to innovate within their learning organizations. 

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Talking about CBT tools used in the past
  • Challenges and the Learner experience
  • What’s Blended Learning?
  • How companies view the role of Instructional Designer
  • Working through content challenges
  • Challenges with learning and scalability
  • Challenges for learning leaders
  • Go and see the need on the floor

Links in the chat:

Site – https://tldc.us/

Membership – https://tldc.us/membership/

Slack channel – http://TLDChat.us

Podcast – https://media.zencast.fm/tldchat


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