Special Guest Daniel Menden

February 11, 2019

Today, Brent Schlenker speaks to Daniel Menden about his career, working at Harley-Davidson and being in the industry for over 25 years. Dan is an international speaker, trainer and consultant with over 20 years of success in helping organizations improve their performance.

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Daniel’s backstory
  • Starting at Harley-Davidson to working in Harley’s L&D
  • Analyzing learning challenges in employee training
  • What worked in the Leadership program
  • Measuring success & implementing long-term learning
  • What bike Daniel has
  • Lessons learned from the program on people skills for supervisors and outcomes
  • Contributing to books, being an author
  • Moving on up from Individual Contributor to a Leadership role
  • Being intentional about your personal brand
  • From corporate to consulting
  • Thoughts on Technology-based training over 25 years

Links in the chat:

Site – https://tldc.us/

Membership – https://tldc.us/membership/

Slack channel – http://TLDChat.us

Podcast – https://media.zencast.fm/tldchat


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