Special Guest Kamaria Scott, Women in L&D (WiLD)

February 06, 2019

Today, Valerie Sunyak speaks to Kamaria Scott on today’s episode of WiLD. Kamaria is the Head of North America Learning for FIS.  She leads learning strategy, development, and implementation for the region and in support of global talent management initiatives.

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Kamaria’s backstory in learning
  • Wearing different hats in L&D
  • Commonalities in learning within various industries
  • Gaining Influence, Internal vs External
  • Influencing the business to recognize you’re the expert
  • Importance of scoping projects properly
  • Influencing by through quality skills
  • Compartmentalized training efforts vs end-to-end development
  • Challenges of not being seen as an equal partner
  • Encouraging learning in different industries
  • Innovating ways for managers to mentor employees
  • How to influence early in your career
  • How to push back without damaging the relationship
  • Importance in providing data to support learning
  • Performance consulting and clarifying outcomes
  • Helpful skills for influencing

Links in the chat:

Site – https://tldc.us/


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