Special Guest Andy Hughes of Designing Digitally

January 24, 2019

Thursday brings Andy Hughes of Designing Digitally into the window. For nearly a decade, Andrew Hughes has made it his personal mission to ensure that commonly-used ineffective and lackluster training techniques are a thing of the past. Realizing his passion for changing the way we learn and evolve, in 2006 Andrew founded and became President of Designing Digitally, Inc., an E-Learning and Serious Game Development firm that creates fully customized learner retention solutions for various types of industries.

  1. Andy’s history
  2. Group think
  3. xAPI
  4. Data
  5. Content verification vs structural gamification
  6. Rewards for training
  7. Security
  8. Real world examples from Designing Digitally

Links in the chat:




Watch the Playback:


Picture: Carl Raw

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