2019 Corporate Training Resolutions

January 24, 2019

Making resolutions for corporate training that work for both you and your employees can be challenging, but it does not always have to be that way. After making a few adjustments in your approach to corporate learning, you will see a tremendous improvement in not only your employees work ethic but also positive culture changes in the career environment.

Here are a few of the top corporate training resolutions for 2019 you may want to consider:

Make Re-Assessments of Training Solutions.

By taking a closer look into your current strategy for corporate training of new employees, you will be able to pinpoint what training resolutions you want to implement into your training developments. You will also be able to make judgments on what may not be the best fit for your company, as some employees respond very well to lectures, while others prefer more hands-on training solutions for the job. A great way of seeing what kind of changes would be best for your employees is to have them submit anonymous surveys to the Human Resources or Training Department.

Focus on Employee Engagement.

With attention spans decreasing, it is important to keep your employees involved and connected with their training. Allowing them to have things like a custom learning solution leads to increased engagement and improved motivation. With additional enhancements available, such as gamification and simulations, your employees are more invested in their training.

Provide More Learning Opportunities to Make Better Employees.

Even employees who have been with your company for years need continuous training. Technologies and systems are always evolving, causing a change in the way things are being done in your workplace. With minimal training efforts, you may find you have to take additional time with certain employees to upgrade their understanding of any major changes. Instead of resorting to constantly reprimanding, or giving unnecessary disciplinary actions of employees over mistakes that are minor and that may not truly be devastating to the company, it would be most beneficial to utilize more positive and effective training opportunities to help them learn and correct their mistakes without bringing down their morale.

Incorporate Digital Technology into Your Training.

This will work out great for your employees who seem to be more hands-on learners. Not all people are great at receiving and retaining information just by listening to a long lecture for half a day, and being told to take notes. Incorporating things such as elearning solutions can not only help stimulate your learners but will also promote higher retention of knowledge. You can also make training programs accessible by having your employees engage in elearning solutions, or even by utilizing the ease of mobile applications. The employees will more than likely retain the information they are being provided due to them actually going through the motions of their job, and the fun competition that may be involved.

Design Your Training Program to Provide a Stronger Team & Improve Retention

One of the biggest complaints of employees is that they feel they have not received adequate training. It is important to make sure to prepare your employees with every single step that is deemed important and necessary when they begin to work after training. Employees should never feel as though they are being “thrown to the wolves, only to be eaten alive.” They should feel highly confident about understanding exactly what their job is, allowing them to provide the efficiency that you are expecting from them. Doing this will allow your employees to have a sense of security within their position in the workplace, which in turn will help to eliminate the need for them to look elsewhere for employment, or to simply quit the job right after training. The feeling of not knowing how to do your job while being continuously disciplined for what seems like every little thing plays an important role in the overall success of your company. When employees feel inadequate it can eventually lead to the company becoming understaffed due to turnover, resulting in possibly a collapse of the business.

Being in the roles of leadership, it can be easy to become overly focused on money, financial goals, and bottom lines; however, you cannot forget the needs and concerns of your employees. After all, they are the wheels on your corporate vehicle, and without them, it would be impossible to keep the company going. Hopefully, the tips provided above will improve the corporate training experience for your employees and bring you an increase in both staff satisfaction and the ongoing success of your company overall.

Designing Digitally, Inc. is a developer of custom online learning solutions designed to improve corporate training. You can find more helpful resources on our website or contact one of our team members today.

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    Thank you for mentioning the importance of continuous learning. All too often I think companies see their week-long onboarding program as sufficient training and then seldom revisit training for their employees. Companies, products, and processes rarely stay the same for a long period of time, so why not provide additional training that and skills that can help employees do better work throughout their entire career? This is also a great use for incorporating digital learning as it gives team members the chance to access training when and where they need it. My team at “Lessonly“uses online training that’s searchable, so we can easily revisit content when we need it and we love it. Not only does the online format help us engage and retain information, but we also have the ability to quickly go back to it if we do forget. It’s a game changer and I highly recommend it being part of anyone’s learning resolution!


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