Video Friday – Special Guest Alan Natachu – Creating Video with PowerPoint

November 16, 2018

Join us for a special tutorial episode with Alan Natachu: How to Create Videos with PPT/Keynote.

Alan Natachu is a Technology Training Coordinator at Madison College, Madison, WI. He shifted from an artist career, working with the likes of ABC/Disney and the Smithsonian, to a training career when he was hired as a Creative at Apple, where he worked two years in a technology trainer role. Alan’s work with Apple gave him the skills to be an extraordinary and innovative trainer for faculty and staff in higher education.

  1. Alan’s History
  2. Adding a video to PowerPoint for eLearning
  3. Synchronizing graphics to video within Powerpoint
  4. Animating in PPT for Video
  5. Magic Move and MORPH – Your secret weapons in creating video with PPT/Keynote

Links in the chat:

Sample video of Graphics Created in PPT
Nancy Duarte: Pushing the Limits of Powerpoint Animation

Watch the Playback:

Picture: Monica Melton

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