Special Guest Sonia Furini Talking vILT

November 12, 2018

Sonia is the co-owner and Virtual Classroom Services Director at Virtual Learning Collaborative. With over 14 years of fun and excitement in learning and development, she is a relationship builder and techie at heart. Sonia focuses on increasing collaboration and partnership with clients, continuously developing staff skill sets, and building strong relationships with clients and contractors alike. Her commitment to an open communication style, and genuine desire to see others succeed has led to exponential growth for Virtual Learning Collaborative and their clients.

  1. Sonia’s History
  2. Transitioning to eLearning
  3. What’s a vILT Producer
  4. Important elements of a vILT session
  5. Influencing management to support the addition of a vILT Producer

Links in the chat:

Virtual Learning Collaborative

Jo Cook Podcast: What is the best vILT platform for me

Watch the Playback:


Picture: Monica Melton

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