#TLDCast Open Forum with Brent Schlenker

October 23, 2018

Today was an open forum as everyone makes their annual journey to DevLearn in Las Vegas. Because of our amazing community, we landed on a great topic. Jonathan Rock wanted to know how others learned from other departments in the business. We quickly landed on marketing as the department with the most in common with the digital content creation of a modern training organization. And the concept of a “Brief” in marketing can easily be applied to L&D and helpful in gathering the information we need to create the “story” that most accurately reflects what the learning solution should be.

We also discussed translation issues in L&D as Marco Faccini is currently joining us while experiencing an event in China.

  1. Tranlastion issues in training
  2. Departments we can learn from within the business
  3. What can we learn from the Marketing department
  4. The Learning Model Canvas

Links in the chat:

Business Model Canvas

Learning Model Canvas

Watch the Playback:


Picture: Patryk Grądys

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