#TLDCast Special Guest Darryn Van Den Berg

October 22, 2018

Darryn has been disrupting the current education landscapes for the past 17 years, re-igniting curiosity to learn within the workplace. Regarded as a thought leader in Learning Assessments and applied Gamification he specializes in building and applying frameworks that demystify the ‘grey’ in complex systems maximizing sustained User Engagement and FUN engagement experiences.

Darryn continues to pioneer innovative ways to help people enjoy what they do – and ultimately convert productivity to business results. He uses the power of technology, augmented reality and progressive systems to enable his ideas.

  1. Darryn’s history
  2. Bartending and Training
  3. First Project training servers to improve sales
  4. Gamification that REALLY works

Links in the chat:

Welcome to P4P Technology Engagement

Live learning in the week

mLearn Conference – MEET C.O.N.N.I.E.

Watch the Playback:


Picture: Patryk Grądys

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