Special Guest Jonathan Rock Shows How to Use PPT for Animations

October 02, 2018

Today we have one of our own, Jonathan Rock, in the window. Jonathan is like many of us in Training and L&D, he stumbled into his role accidentally. But he discovered that he loves it and he’s good at it. Today he showed us how to use Powerpoint to create animation videos for use in eLearning projects. Jonathan uses Articulate Storyline, but the same ppt output can be used in any authoring tool.

  1. Jonathan’s history
  2. How he learned about side scrolling ppt from Mel Milloway’s post
  3. Animated Titles with PPT – Stranger Things style example
  4. Powerpoint to Animated Gif
  5. How to Use Gifmaker.me
  6. Putting it all together in Articulate Storyline

Links in the chat:


TianTian Xu’s 100daysofmotion blog post

My Stronger GMPs opening

How to draw shapes in PPT by Tom Kuhlman (2 parter)

David Charney’s storyline parallax walk cycle trick

Watch the Playback:


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