Special Guest Julian Stodd on Social Leadership and Learning

September 11, 2018

Julian Stodd is Author, Speaker, Captain at Sea Salt Learning, and helping organizations understand the Social Age.

He splits his time between research and writing about learning, through his books and blog, alongside consultancy and delivering projects out in the real world with his crew at SeaSalt Learning.

Much of his consultancy work is around core elements of the Social Age: the need for Social Leadership, the design of Scaffolded Social Learning, planning for Organisational Change and the impacts of Social Collaborative Technology.

Working with global organizations on both strategy and execution, He helps them find their way through this new world. He helps them develop an architecture for learning and change.

Sea Salt Learning is his global consultancy, where he helps organizations face up to the challenges of the Social Age.
You can find it at www.SeaSaltLearning.com.

In this episode of TLDCast Brent Schlenker spoke with Julian about his books, latest research, and how the L&D industry can play a part in supporting the enterprise during these disruptive times.

  1. Julian’s history
  2. Authentic Storytelling
  3. Research and the nature of trust
  4. Social structures vs formal leadership structures
  5. How do you help leaders build those qualities that lead to positive social leadership?
  6. The only person that can make change is YOU!

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