Special Guest Mike Simmons – Catalyst Sale

September 10, 2018

Mike Simmons is an advisor, leader, & coach with experience growing sales and customer success teams from pre-revenue to 80MM ARR.

Whether You want to evaluate and establish product/market fit, breakthrough revenue plateaus, design and deliver sales training, evaluate and implement your sales technology stack, or create alignment between your marketing, product, & sales teams, Mike created his business, Catalyst Sale to help you.

In this episode of TLDCast Brent Schlenker spoke with Mike about how the sales process is so similar to the training process. There is more in common than you might think.

  1. Mikes’s history
  2. Catalyst Sale
  3. The sales model or process and how it relates to training models
  4. What does common crappy sales training look like? What does good sales training look like?
  5. Do you see potential for Sales teams to use AR? Either to “train” themselves or to better sell products/services to customers? For example use an existing printed brochure as the trigger to pop up an AR sequence on a mobile device.
  6. Can everyone be trained to be a salesperson?

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