Special Guest Bianca Baumann on Marketing Models for ISDs

September 06, 2018

Bianca Baumann is a curious, self-driven and results-focused professional with 10+ years in the Education field. She’s focused on finding solutions that leverage data to make learning stick, personalized and delivered just-in-time; something she likes to call digital education success: a mix of education, digital marketing and customer success. In other words, learning solutions need to be personal, predictive and proactive. She doesn’t believe in the LMS for corporate learning, seat-time or the next button and challenges the status quo, asking the tough questions in order to bring L&D into this century.

In this episode of TLDCast we talked about the many aspects of marketing and how marketing processes should be leveraged in your instructional design.

  1. Bianca’s history
  2. Marketing Campaigns
  3. Email Marketing platforms that can be used in training
  4. Spaced Repetition – Content delivered over time
  5. Start small with onboarding
  6. Engaging with other organizations like IT, Legal, HR, etc

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Watch the Playback:


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