Special Guest Dr. Joe Pulichino Talks Definitions, Technology, and Training Trends

August 29, 2018

At the middle point in the week, we have special guest Dr. Joe Pulichino. He has a rich history in the field of learning and development with over 40 years as a teacher, instructional designer, and consultant in corporate, K-12, and higher education settings, and as a manager of education departments and businesses at organizations large and small from start-ups to global multi-nationals. His expertise covers leadership development; sales, compliance, & technical training; teaching English as a second language; human capital and talent management; and assessment, evaluation, and performance management. Joe drops in to share his vast experience with the group.

  1. Joe’s history
  2. Defining training/learning
  3. Old school vs. new school
  4. Classroom vs OJT or both
  5. Trends in technology

Links in the chat:





Watch the Playback:


Picture: Cedric Verstraete

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