Special Guest Clive Shepherd Talks About Pure Learning Perspectives

July 17, 2018

Today we have special guest Clive Shepherd.   He brings over 30 years’ experience in many capacities including his expertise  (1) as a senior learning and development manager within a large corporation; (2) as co-founder of a multimedia development company providing content development services to major organisations across the world; and (3) as a consultant looking to share my expertise with organisations interested in transforming their approach to learning in the workplace.  This triangulation of experience makes Clive’s insights and historical L&D perspectives something you don’t want to miss.  Listen to this replay now to learn more about:

  • Clive’s history
  • Clive’s rock star aspirations
  • The most interesting project Clive is working on
  • The biggest problem with the skills gap
  • How digital learning design is involving

Links in the chat:




Watch the Playback:


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