Open Forum – Reflection, Favorite L&D Tools and More

July 09, 2018

Another Monday full of Open Forum goodness! The return of Brent Schlenker from holiday, the community needed to catch him up on all the fun happening last week.

We began reflecting on the lovely week of guests and take-overs of Jo Cook, Chris Straley, Connie Malamed, Christiana Houck, Cara North and Megan Torrance. Brent missed the TLDCommunity and even asked what we could learn from the appeal of fireworks displays.

We then discussed the list of our favorite tools in L&D, which included:

Or check out and add your thoughts to Brent’s list of software here.

We helped a fellow community member quickly switch his day long F2F training to a half-day training, with advice like:

  • Cut the fluff
  • Flipped classroom approach (send info before the day)
  • Cut breaks
  • Move content into an activity or a job aid
  • Focus on the ‘need to knows’
  • Tell a story

Finally, what are good resources to learn some coding?

Also, news about TLDC19 keynotes and the Video playlist!

Have a look at the recording here.

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