TLDCast – Video Friday – Back to Basics

June 03, 2018

In this episode of Video Friday, Brent and Sam went back to the beginning. They started with the age-old question “What is Video”.

The audience engagement was very high as they all worked through some of their basics questions regarding video.

Sam also shared a collection of books that he recommends for those interested in making videos for eLearning or microlearning.

  • What is Video? Moving Pictures – They also added animated gifs as a useful format for video.
  • Video: From the latin Videre “to see”.
  • How to get your subjects comfortable in front of the camera. Lots of tips from the chat.
  • Lots of interest in data about how much better video is than other media.
  • Books: Map it, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, The Art of Explanation, Learning Analytics, The 4-Hour Chef, A Theory of Fun
  • Audio Tips: Get the mic as close as possible to your subjects mouth. Zoom portable recorders. iographer products are great. For noisy environments, consider using voice over or even text captions.

And as good practitioners of training, learning and development Brent offered everyone an opportunity to practice. Here is what he offered.

Create dramatic 10sec Video of Yourself eating a doughnut.

  1. Use 5 shots/edits or less
  2. Straight cuts only – no transitions
  3. Must be completely produced on you mobile device.

Those are the only rules!

You can watch the recording here:

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