Guest Host Jo Cook: Rings of Focus; You

May 07, 2018

Monday morning and we have Jo Cook from the UK talking about the Rings of Focus and the center with “You!” The temperature was high where Jo was and the chat followed in suit! Jo talked about a great benchmark article that brings some insight to where the L&D field is today. We had a few guests drop in and talk with Jo in a video window and it spurred some great conversation in the text chat.

  1. What is coming from TLDC
  2. L&D: Where are we now?
  3. Discussion of L&D Capability chart
  4. Real world insight: Kim Lindsey
  5. Real world insight: An Coppens
  6. Evaluating training before it goes live
  7. Games in training: Escape Rooms idea
  8. What are “your” next steps

Links in the chat:

Watch the Playback:


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