Open Forum: What Skills are You Improving? xAPI? Action Mapping? Career Navigating?

April 02, 2018

In today’s open forum Brent asked what skills everyone is working on, and how can TLDC help. Some hot topics were around xAPI, Action Mapping, Facing your fear, and navigating your corporate career.
TLDCommunity member Claudine Caro is working on a project that is a great fit for testing out Action Mapping in a real project. We’re all looking forward hearing how it goes in a future TLDCast.

We also looked for some input from the community on how TLDC can help build careers and connect hiring managers with the right TLDC Talent. If you have any idea on how we can you YOU, please comment here or reach out to us on TLDChat (the Slack Group).

We also shared the latest job listing on the TLDC Job Board from ASME in NYC. It’s a great opportunity with a great title: Sr. Learning Experience Designer. Stay tuned and see watch for a potential appearance from the hiring manager in a future episode of TLDCast.

You can find the recording of today’s Open Forum here:

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