Guest Host Toddi Norum Talks About Ageism

March 21, 2018

Today we have a guest host, Toddi Norum talking with a few guests in the window about ‘ageism’. Becky Nusbaum of CSU Global dropped in to talk about her experiences with ‘ageism’ and how it affects her interacts in the field of L&D. Marco Faccini also dropped in to talk about his point of view as well. It was a great day for the text chat as well, so be sure to scroll up through the talk while you listen to the play back.

  1. Becky’s history
  2. Current articles on ageism
  3. Definition of ‘work’
  4. Contractor vs corporate world
  5. Inflexibility
  6. Presentation for applying for positions
  7. Agility and experience

Links in the chat:

Watch the Playback:

Picture:  Jared Erondu

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