Rings of Focus – Projects – Business, “Good Learning”, and MSAs

February 20, 2018

Show Notes – February 20, 2018

We are back to the Rings of Focus today, particularly on the Projects ring. We started with a great string of chat around the business side of L&D, then the video turned the conversation back to projects. The community was then tasked with showing what good learning looks like and the conversation trailed on from there. The text chat was crazy with a stream of question and answer, so be sure to scroll up through the chat while you are listening to the playback.

  1. Projects
  2. Business in L&D
  3. Community projects/short turn-arounds
  4. What “good learning” looks like
  5. Client handling
  6. Master Service Agreement
  7. Projects without guidelines

Links in the chat:






Watch the Playback:


Picture: Christopher Burns

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