Rings of Focus – Projects with An Coppens

February 13, 2018

Show Notes – February 13, 2018

Today we talk about projects as we branch out from the center of the rings of focus. Brent gave a general call before the video even got started to discuss the chat group’s biggest successes and biggest failures. An Coppens dropped in to discuss some projects she is dealing with and the text chat was a buzz with sharing if projects and ideas. Be sure to read up through the chat while listening to the playback.

  1. Rings of Focus, Projects
  2. Group sharing
  3. An Coppens talks about many projects
  4. AR in gamification
  5. Supply Chain
  6. A/B list
  7. Specific examples
  8. Gender in the field

Links in the chat:






Watch the Playback:


Picture: m0851

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