Special Guest – Bryan Jones Talks Trends in the L&D Industry

February 06, 2018

Notes for February 6, 2018

Guest Bryan Jones brings record breaking attendance to the chat today. He is the founder and President of elearningart.com and he shares his insight to the current status of the elearning and training field through is trends report from the community. With so many people in the chat room, there was a lot to review in the text chat, so make sure to scroll up through the chat when you listen to the playback.

  1. Bryan’s history
  2. Trends in the industry
  3. Stand-outs in the list
  4. xAPI
  5. Gamification
  6. Trends personally or in the industry?
  7. AI
  8. Chasing trends
  9. Creative side of training creation

Links in the Chat:






Watch the Video Replay:


Picture: William Iven

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