Open Forum – Rings of Focus, Industry

January 18, 2018

Notes for January 18, 2018

It was an open forum day and we went to the Rings of Focus to discuss Industry. The text chat was on fire with input and discussions around the health of our industry and the specifics around it. It was a very diverse set of conversations that happened with Kim Lindsey of Cinecraft dropping in to share her insight. Be sure to scroll up through the text chat while you listen to the play back.

  1. Rings of Focus – Industry
  2. Temperature of learning industry
  3. Happiness in the work place
  4. Social media info transfer
  5. Trends in our industry
  6. Personal learning connections
  7. Using tech the right way
  8. Neuroscience?

Links in the Chat:

Watch the Video Replay:

Picture: Thought Catalog

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