Open Forum – Trends of 2017 and Trend Suggestions for 2018

January 03, 2018

Notes for January 3, 2018

On the second episode of the new year, we have an open forum that was going to be about Teams. The chat was alive with everyone discussing trends from 2017 and what trends they think they will see in 2018, so we went down that path instead. Josh Cavalier did jump into video toward the end, but most of the show was just Brent, so the text chat was a buzz. Be sure to scroll up through the chat when you listen to the playback.

  1. Trends from 2017
  2. Microlearning, fad or not?
  3. Trend predictions for 2018

Links in the Chat:

Watch the Video Replay:

Picture: NordWood Themes

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