Special Guest Michelle Fanfarillo of PeopleFirm Talks Leadership

December 19, 2017

Notes for December 19, 2017

Special guest Michelle Fanfarillo joins the video today to talk about leaders and leadership teams with the group. Michelle is part of the PeopleFirm team and brings a great wealth of information on the subject and the Q&A was full of great questions to day. There were a lot of questions in the Q&A and some deep conversation in the text chat, so be sure to scroll while you listen to the play back.

  1. Michelle’s history in the field
  2. Difficulty in change
  3. Peer learning
  4. Leadership and followership
  5. Personality types in leaders
  6. Coaching certifications/programs
  7. Q&A lightning round

Links in the Chat:





Watch the Video Replay:


Golden Nugget:

“To learn you need a safe place to practice and fail.”

Picture: rawpixel.com

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